dr Ahmed Saad new

Prof.Dr./ Hmed Saad Eldin Mahmoud Omar

Dean Of Faculty of Physical Education For Boys

Dean's Word

I am honored to offer this letter to the family members of the Faculty of Physical Education, Abu Qir Alexandria University, students and faculty members and their assistants and staff are welcome with your join to this great history, who are proud of the big date and effective contributions at both the national and regional levels

I am pleased to extend to you my best wishes with great future of lasting success, God willing, and I invite my sons students to join for all academic activities and educational and research provided by the college and to be integrated university life provide you the climate in which you are enabled  with the creativity, excellence and also seeking to open new horizons for science and knowledge and get more opportunities to conduct research and training under the supervision of faculty members owners of high level of expertise and specialists in various fields of sports science

Let me start thanks of course to God before humans because it made you a reason why we got it, Allaah you praise and thanks for what gives us then thank you, my students sons  owner of  revolution January 25, which is the greatest work in the whole world and proud it, you want to change the conditions of the country for the better and the elimination of injustice and corruption of Egypt to itself to establish a new stage restore their dignity and the dignity of its people and its place among the rest of the country

Thanks for the great Egyptian youth, thanks to Egyptian women, which gave birth to young Tahrir Square and all the fields of other cities in

Egypt, thank you all to you reback us our dignity and our decent dear leader EGYPT