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Prof.Dr./ Mohamed Abdelhamid Fayez Belal

Dean Of Faculty of Physical Education For Boys

Dean's Word

     The Faculty of Physical Education – Abu Qir, Alexandria University is keen to provide the best educational and research environment stimulating for the students in both undergraduate and postgraduate stages in accordance with the best international quality standards for academic and professional programs, in order to keep pace with the rapid changes witnessed by the international community according to the transformation towards the fourth industrial revolution, and the needs of the labor market to the distinguished responsible national cadres in the sports sector, and in light of these requirements comes the faculty’s need for continuous development in its scientific and research output and community service. The faculty has already set an ambitious vision to bring about radical changes to keep pace with international standards of excellence and best scientific practices.

     The Faculty of Physical Education – Abu Qir gives a strategic priority to creating an incubating environment that encourages creativity and stimulates creative ideas that contribute to providing outputs to enhance the state’s role in sustainable development and knowledge economy at the local and global levels. This is achieved by encouraging creators and innovators in the sports sector, and the faculty has entrenched the spirit of competitiveness in the faculty community without discrimination through scientific research, innovation and creativity in sports sciences, in order to achieve the vision of the Egyptian state towards affirming the pursuit of excellence and leadership all the time.

     The faculty is also keen to prepare distinguished students by developing their skills and abilities, refining their talents, and preparing them for the sports work market to ensure their excellence in the institutions they join. The continuous evaluation of the teaching and learning processes reflects the faculty’s keenness on the success of its students and qualifying them with the merits that enable them to face the labor market.

     The faculty contributes to develop and improve the efficiency of its employees and administrative services, by digitizing all administrative processes and laying the foundations for supporting this digital transformation to focus on developing work according to administrative excellence approaches, working in a team spirit, innovation and efficiency, and the continuous review of decisions, regulations, policies and procedures organized periodically to ensure governance of administrative work, which will effectively and distinctively benefit the faculty community and the strategic partners.

     The distinguished position that the faculty is keen to occupy as a leading scientific institution in education, scientific research and community service, is nothing but the fruit of efforts and permanent endeavors towards creativity, innovation and scientific research, while preserving the societal values ​​and long-standing principles that meet the aspirations of our wise leadership.