Vision: -

Department of Biological Sciences Sports and Health Faculty of Physical Education for Boys Alexandria University seeks the advancement of the educational process and development within the department and abroad and contribute to the local environment and the surrounding community service and according to quality standards and develop education faculties of Physical Education.

Mission: -

Contribution section to meet to ensure the continued quality of the development of the census and the creation of a generation of graduates from personal people with integrated and competencies in the field of sports health and sports injuries, rehabilitation and physiology of sports both at educational or scientific or intellectual creative and backed by faith and belonging to the homeland and imitators of the typical leadership also through academic guidance to acquire the active participation in the scientific field and practical efficiently and effectively.

Department Objectives:

The section in achieving the objectives of ensuring the quality of education, according to the following: -

- Arrange the integrated scientific and intellectual specialists in various magazines injuries and rehabilitation.

- And the environment surrounding the college community service through the dissemination of health awareness among members of the community.

- Coordination and mutual support between the department and the rest of the scientific departments in the college.

- Activating the traditional education process into electronic distance education.

       - The capacity and the knowledge and skills of faculty members of the department Development


Means of communication with the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Headquarters of the Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education, Abu Qir - Alexandria University - Arab Republic of Egypt

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Phone: Direct 03\5621129 / 03-5621709

Fax: 03\5621123