Vision: -

School sports department at the Faculty of Physical Education Alexandria University is seeking over the next five years (2006 _ 2011) that highlights the distinctive cognitive entity in the range of the local council, regional and renewed according to the criteria of the quality of the faculties of Physical Education


Mission: -

We department school sports Faculty of Physical Education for Boys - Alexandria University are working to contribute to the provision of graduates distinguished work in the field of education and in accordance with the standards of scientific and professional comprehensive with upgrading cultural and educational workers in the field, through the rooting creativity capabilities, innovation and rehabilitation of the scientific and professional research staff and Scientific Publications and technical and professional solving environmental problems in the community and we are specialized department to grant degrees in the following areas: -

Bachelor's degree - in physical education specialty school sport.

_ Diploma curricula and teaching methods of Physical Education.

Master's degrees _ in the methods of teaching physical education.

_ Master's degree in physical education curricula.

_ Doctorate degree in physical education methods.

_ Doctorate degree in physical education curricula.


Strategic objectives: -

The objectives of the strategy to achieve the department in the letter, according to his vision as follows:

- acquire the local and regional community confidence in the graduate department on the basis of the mechanism of a recognized evaluation.

-prepare scientific and intellectual and personal integrated specialists in the sector needed to Almtalim scientific and professional fields (physical education teachers) and its institutions according to the specifications and advanced systems and private references Faculty of Physical Education and the University of Alexandria.

- coordination and mutual support between the department and the rest of the college departments each other.

- issue periodic bulletin (3 months) include a news section and the activities of its members.

- keep pace with the changing needs of the labor market and Poll beneficiaries of graduates.

-meet the community needs in the field of education.

-provide continuing education opportunities for graduates.

- keep pace with the continuous growing in the field of information technology.

-activation of transforming traditional academic courses The decisions to an electronic process.

- numbers of cadres distinctive research to solve the problems of society and the environment.

-create a special library section.

- faculty members and their assistants development.

-publication of quality between the teaching staff and their assistants and members of the student culture.

- raise rates students / faculty member during the next five years.

- commitment to linking the curriculum and educational programs to the needs of society as quantity and quality.

-commitment to provide and expand freedom of opinion, thought and expression for faculty members and students of the department and the provision of a free democratic atmosphere for effective participation.

- respect for intellectual property rights and the values ​​of academic and professional integrity.

And through the ongoing review of the strategy of the department and its programs and activities educational, research and professional to serve the environmental needs and distinctive confirms his identity.

- Commitment to scientific standards for the curriculum and build on the annual reports of the decisions in the school development and change proposals.

Development objectives in accordance with the quality of education emanating from the strategy in the field of basic university education. (Bachelor's) stage.

Development and upgrading quality standards and meet her global Bmarjaaat and keep pace with local and regional requirements in both.

- Teaching assistants and staff members.

- Preparations capabilities of students and their quality.

- Book university and references prescribed electronic courses.

- teaching methods .

- Lecture halls - Libraries - educational media.

- Evaluation and examination methods.

In the field of graduate programs (Diploma - Master - PhD)

Development and upgrading quality standards for diploma programs and master's and doctorate in accordance with the international standards and specifications in the following aspects.

- Terms and conditions of acceptance tests and the quality of students.

- Study systems (approved) hours.

- Evaluation systems (the use of electronic file for the student).

- Library for the department - educational media and laboratory information network.

- teaching methods .

- Teaching assistants and staff members.

- The structure of programs and the quality of curricula and courses.

- Messages research systems.

Through a comprehensive review and evaluation of existing programs and the development of the order.

- graduation from the elite scientific researchers and professionals.

- provide excellent educational service for graduate students.

In the field of scientific research.

- Linking the scientific production of the faculty members in the department's priorities and issues related to the needs of the community and the quality of the educational process and the development of the knowledge capacity of the educational sectors.

- The contribution of the faculty members in the department of scientific conferences and scientific journals.

- Work to make use of the results and outputs of scientific research for faculty members, as well as the department researchers.

In the field of community service.

- Contribute to cure the problems of the local community and the environment (school) through scientific and professional expertise to the department faculty members.

- The provision of programs for the rehabilitation of physical education teachers in service in accordance with the quality standards.

- Activating the role of physical education teachers (graduates) to work with people with special needs.

- Provide continuing education programs ever quality in various areas of the section on the information network.

- Strengthen the scientific and cultural ties between school sports section and similar sections faculties of Physical Education in the Egyptian universities.

- Continuous assessment and propose an appropriate amendment and development in accordance with the specifications and standards are supported.

In the field of student development.

- Integrated development of students and the formation of personal decency aware of their responsibility and the development of research and technical skills.

- Expand the use of libraries and information network.

- Activate cooperative teaching and working methods in groups.

- Communicate with students and organizing regular meetings with faculty members.

- Respect the student's personality and opportunities for dialogue and opinion.

- Take care of talented and creative capabilities to their development.

- Teaching performance review for faculty members, according to survey the opinions and attitudes of students.

- Continuous evaluation of curricula and courses of study and examination systems according to specific criteria and opinions Abdiha students.


Means of communication with the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Headquarters of the Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education, Abu Qir - Alexandria University - Arab Republic of Egypt

Faculty Website of the:

Phone: Direct 03\5621129 / 03-5621709

Fax: 03\5621123