the existence of a clear vision and effective for the Department of thing is important and vital for strategic planning , a aspirations for the future by section values ​​espoused Hence it reflects the goals to be achieved and discrimination duty and hope its creation in the long term , especially in the run graduates in a positive way consistent with the market 's external action and this is by focusing on strategic and operational levels and what is expected with the rationalization of the process of decision-making and conflict resolution among graduates of other colleges Oksanha through and through:

1. develop a strategic vision for the department through a five-year plan to come and that reflect the philosophy of the department and its role in quality assurance and accreditation .
2. Quality assurance and accreditation through the section of the beneficiary sectors , activities and tasks to be done and human resources to be used and the possibilities to ensure high standards of quality through the various disciplines.


Which is the main objective of the department and the basis of his presence in the community through contribution that this community in a scientific manner and process in an effective and visible inside and outside the college and expressive of what contents section in a flexible manner consistent with the implementation and reflect the Applied values ​​in society and in a realistic manner to achieve its objectives .

Section objectives it seeks to achieve .

Through his vision and mission of the department this translates to a set of objectives which are tangible achievements and concrete reflect the circumstance Section interaction with students, alumni, faculty and alignment with the needs of the community and the requirements of the market under the quality assurance and accreditation.
And the section under the strategy would grown spirit of challenge and competition through the mobilization of the academic community to focus on excellence in the shadow looked forward to receiving scientific and practical.
Hence, the section should be the leading site at the college level training in the sciences collective games as well as tennis games and through other sciences associated with these games and that of the following:
1. fulfill the requirements of the needs of the community.
2. attempt availability of continuing education Bofrah and types .
3. Amendment of section decisions of the traditional image into an electronic decisions



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