Vision: -

Believes in the section that is no way for the development in the field of sports without creating a generation of graduates with an integrated personal and sophisticated scientifically, intellectually and morally, they have a sense of belonging to this country and the belief that an integral part of the system is part of a required them roles in the scientific field and practical effectively and efficiently.


Mission: -

A system is to confirm and develop the quality of the contents of the educational program provided by section specifying means compared to measure the performance section based on a system of benchmarks outstanding Bench Marking agreed, in order to determine the extent of quality section outputs and which are in line with the needs and labor market requirements.

Department Objectives:

Private educational process and provide the best experiences for the student goals

- Prepare graduate has advanced professional skills to meet the needs of the labor market.

- Re-Configuration section decisions in the light of international standards.

- Human and material resources the current characterization of the department.

- Identify the needs of the physical and human section of the application and activating the quality assurance system.

- The development of stadiums and tools to fit with the application of the quality system.

- Cancel Admission Coordination Office in the future in cooperation with other colleges and the Ministry of Education.

- Be proportional to the number of accepted students attend college with the material resources available to the faculty.

- Especially the objectives of scientific research:


- Identify priorities to the problems of society through a strategy for scientific research department plan

- Providing the means for measurement and scientific research Almntorh.

- Establishment of a network to link the college's library and other university libraries.

- Create a system of scientific translation in various fields of specialization.

- Participation in the continuity of current scientific periodicals and the modern ones.

Especially the goals of faculty members and their assistants:


- Establish the concept of quality assurance and accreditation of teaching staff members and their assistants.

- The development of faculty skills through various training courses.

- The provision of a number of scientific tasks for faculty members.

- Provide scholarships for teachers and teaching assistants Almsaeidian.

- Attention to organ faculty of the physical aspect, which allows him to full-time teaching and scientific research.

- That there should be coordinated through bodies and institutions concerned with the general strategy of the state in terms of controls for the labor market with the work of the mechanisms needed to treat deficiencies and to ensure the purification of the labor market of non-specialists.

Means of communication with the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys

Headquarters of the Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education, Abu Qir - Alexandria University - Arab Republic of Egypt

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