Vision: -

Almnazlat that vision training department and individual sports rely on the establishment of a specialized system in the field of training Almnazlat individual sports and quality assurance and accreditation for the application of standard criteria for graduation privileged students in the field of training for individual sports and the number of programs that are consistent with the needs of the community.


Mission: -

The number of educational and practical programs that are consistent with the needs of society through the implementation of an education system in line with the needs of the current labor market and the future and the graduation of outstanding student with a scientific level of high quality through the development of modern and advanced scientific programs in the field of training Almnazlat and individual sports, which are in line with society and the environment need service.


Department Objectives:

Through his vision and mission of the department this translates to a set of objectives which are achievements reflect the department's interaction with students, alumni, faculty and alignment with the needs of the community.

And by following these four operational steps:

1. faculty member: -


He is a member of the faculty is the first pillar for the advancement of the academic performance and participation in the scientific development of society and the state.

It is important that there be the development and modernization of self by so that it becomes more effective. Given the level of income of the university faculty member, we find that it is disproportionate with the scientific position in society where forced to improve his income, which affect the productivity of scientific research and the pursuit of providing research to live up to Ajribt most of the problems of society and the needs of the environment for development.

There is no doubt that the failure income faculty member leads to a lack of reordering his alma mater, and this negatively affects the learning process and scientific research.

Where a member of the faculty seeks to further assignments for more than a college or institute to improve the physical income.

Which impact on the occurrence of failure in the performance of the university and its inability to full-time to his college or department of scientific and benefit from it to conduct advanced scientific research to solve the problems of society.

Executive steps to support the position of the physical and scientific faculty members: -


a. Support for university faculty members and consider rewarding in income makes him able to perform academic and educational mission efficiently to conform with the overall environment and community development.

B. Refinement of faculty members by holding training courses for Tminh skills and abilities of faculty members.

C. The conduct of the availability of scientific tasks and scientific scholarship for faculty members developed countries in the field of specialization to benefit from the outcome of the successful experiences of developed countries because of the convergence in the quality of higher education in Egypt with the rest of the developed world.

Dr. Encourage a full-time scientific conduct scientific research that require solving social problems and development - in the area of ​​specialization - that gives reward or remunerative income for the faculty member to conduct scientific research which is in line with community needs and development.

e. Recommend the appointment of sports adviser Egyptian embassies abroad for developed countries in the field of sports to be a liaison between the faculty members of the university colleges specialized in the field of physical education and sports science to provide them with modern scientific developments in this field.

And. Self-development and modernization of the member so that it becomes more effective and are maximizing the use of it in the context of the enormous development in educational technology and the information revolution and ensure the quality and Accreditation.

J. Closer relations professors from Egyptian scientists working in developed countries in the field of Physical Education and Sports Science to support Almbeefvh and modernization and the development of programs for the development of creative and innovative national capabilities.

K. Full-time faculty members work full-time attention to this university and come to raise salaries and bonus Jawafs and discuss the messages and supervision.

to. Stimulate the continuation of a faculty member in the scientific research even after the degree of uniqueness Professor morally and materially significant.

2. Create an integrated personality for the student:


Through graduation outstanding student with a scientific level of high-quality scientific standards recognized her to create sophisticated personal scientifically, intellectually and morally - through the development and modernization of the learning process, and the development of the creative aspects have to Akunma students are in creating events and participants in dealing with Mutbat the information age, to produce capable graduate on competition and innovation, critical thinking and improves their strategic vision belonging to his homeland and how to communicate and interact with the community locally, regionally and globally through a sophisticated decisions in line with the needs of the community and the development of the environment and in light of information technology.

3. development and modernization of programs and curricula of learning in order to raise the efficiency of the learning process to keep pace with global scientific progress.


That quality assurance and performance evaluation is done by setting the standard international standards for the programs section and competent scientific equation corresponding global certificates the graduates college.

And linking education to the labor market through the creation of a good educational product, it is time to correct our situation today and take care of the minds of our children and arm them thinking and knowing this time in order to be a driving force Oh up to its ambitions and hopes.

4. upgrading of scientific research:


Advanced Scientific Research indispensable in the next century greedily for each community to have a presence on the Square grinding economic conflict in terms of efficiency, speed and workmanship and product quality. Therefore, the underdevelopment in scientific research and mismanagement represents the most important challenge of our enterprise renaissance and development problem of scientific research in Egypt is not in the Egyptian mind, but in the Egyptian reality which imposes restrictions on scientific research shackle his footsteps and hamper his career.

And confined to the problems of scientific research the following aspects: -


1. disconnect between the problems of the scientific research community issues.

2. asymmetry between the missions and needs accurate scientific sections college plans according to contemporary society and environment problems.

3. weakness allocation of financial resources for scientific research at the university.

4. deficiencies and shortages in supplies of modern scientific research libraries, scientific periodicals and reference laboratories and modern equipment.

5. disconnect between scientific research to upgrade with community centers and production problems.

6. palaces and a decrease in the dispatch of the faculty members in the scientific missions overseas and friction, which is one of the administrative and financial constraints aged evolution of scientific research.

Accordingly, the following steps can be developed to improve the scientific research: -


1. Develop a framework for coordination between the university and the companies and factories and productive enterprises and the rest of the ministries assigned so that it is self-transforming research by the beneficiaries of the search results, including research that correlated with reality Egyptian Ouhs problems.

2. Encourage the direction of the college in coordination with the scientific section that you get on with productive projects Laketh institutions to link scientific research issues and problems of society and production.

3. Give the scientific validity of the administrative departments in colleges plan to determine the needs of missions depending on scientific problems that require a solution to ensure the accuracy depending on the choice of contemporary issues.

4. coordination between the Egyptian embassies abroad and the university to limit the distinguished Egyptians abroad and strengthen aspects of cooperation to provide scholarships for postgraduate studies for students, or provide scientific scientific section with instruments.

5. proposal to allocate ten piasters for every barrel of oil Tsdroh Egypt to the outside to support and finance a plan of scientific research at the university.

6. proposal to allocate a certain amount for each ship passing the Suez Canal Authority to support and finance distinctive scientific research plan.

7. urged the businessmen to provide scholarships for graduate students associated with the problems of society.

8. Support the links between the League and the United Nations development-oriented programs and that are interested in scientific research in order to achieve the development of developing countries and cooperation with other programs of the EU countries with government regulations within the countries in order to strengthen the areas of scientific research.

9. Support libraries provide them with modern scientific periodicals and the Internet and support for laboratories with modern equipment.

10. not to allow the registration of any scientific message unless it is linked to addressing the problem of the problems of society and the development of the environment.

11. upgrade that research be linked to pressing contemporary problems within the community and affect the quality, production and dependence.

12. facilitate the travel of faculty members to participate in scientific conferences and missions abroad.

13. The need for the presence of convergence in the quality of higher education in Egypt with the rest of the developed world.

14. establish a specialized system for quality assurance and rely on the section level QAAP

15. establish reciprocal relations with bodies and organizations of quality assurance at the regional and international level

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