Vision: -

The training exercise section and Gymnastics believes that a faculty member with a high level, which is equal with standards quality scientists other sections able to use the urge means of technology and rehabilitation distinguished graduate at a high degree of science simulated global university students practically and theoretically under the Accreditation and Quality Theory and Section believes that the graduate weak modest scientifically will not be able to interact with the training market in different clubs, as Section believes that exercise rapporteur scientific of the most important science in college that must be altered its plan and increase the number of her watch as Rapporteur important and the basis for all practical courses and basis He studied Physical Education, and see Section Gymnastics decision that one of the important science, where gymnastics is evolving dramatically and infinitely and this must keep pace with these developments in light of the performance of quality.


Mission: -

Training exercise section and Gymnastics works on the development of the section through the development of curricula and the course content and develop research plans under section plan and working to influence the mathematical problems in the field of gymnastics and to develop solutions to them, as members of the section that connects the curriculum practical to the labor market, from Boukraj for coach and teacher recognized him if applied quality standards, as section works on the weight and the development of information students from outside the college through graduate worked to Althdidt and provide them with all that is new in the field of training and teaching.

Department Objectives:

General goals: -

1. Quality department training exercises and gymnastics activate at all levels (faculty member - student - possibilities - administration).

2. Identify the needs that help section on the application of quality assurance system to comply with national and international requirements.

3. raising the level of student under the Quality Management System.

4. curricula and scientific content development.

5. modernization of the public system to study inside the section.

6. Work to develop a plan within the research section.

7. service of the environment through the establishment of centers for Schools Gymnastics.

8. optimum use of the capabilities of a faculty member to the maximum of his abilities.

9. emphasis on social ties and transmit the spirit of cooperation between members of the department training exercises and gymnastics.

· Specific objectives:

1. The establishment of a committee to ensure the quality mini belonging to the Centre to ensure quality faculty.

2. Preparation of keel featured at the global level in training exercises and gymnastics.

3. Be Degree faculty member to compete with world-class sections of training exercises and gymnastics universities outside Egypt level.

4. belonging to a department training exercises and gymnastics and the college and the university, and therefore to Egypt when both student and professor and a dynamic links with others.

5. Find links between the student section and the labor market outside the college, such as training schools gymnastics clubs and arbitration work.

6. continuous gradient in the development starting from the first grade college beginners with the basics.

7. capacity development of teaching assistants and teaching assistants from the department through a private training sessions.

8. develop a strategy for the department can be applied with a certain flexibility through slotted.

9. Always work on the choice of the college student distinct beginners section and then removed from the fields during the evaluation.

10. Confirmation always to work hard and make sure the information arrived and not rely on teaching assistants and teachers in the teaching assistants.

11. The application of the principle of accountability and performance evaluation of faculty member within the department.

12. Always emphasize on quality performance in all directions the student practically and theoretically.

13. emphasis on the quality of the capabilities and efficiency, as well as the workplace and place of office for a member of the faculty.

14. emphasis on the choice of forwarder distinct and not to other considerations.

15. criticism and self-criticism transparency and clarity.


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