The vision of the Department of Water Sports Training depends on the establishment of a specialized system in the field of

 water sports training to ensure quality assurance and accreditation for the application of standards to prepare outstanding

student in the field of water sports training; in addition to the preparation of programs in line with the needs of the community.



The vision of the department of Water Sports Training is to prepare an educational and practical programs in line with the

needs of the community through the implementation of an educational system in line with the needs of the labor market with

 a high distinct level of scientific quality, and the graduation of outstanding student by the preparation of modern scientific

programs in the area of water sports training, which are in line with the needs of the community and the environment.


Department Objectives


The department mission and vision are translated into set of objectives hereby achievements that reflect the interaction of the

department with students, alumni and staff members as well as aligning with the society needs.This is done by following the

executive procedures hereunder:


1. Staff Member


Staff member is the main support for advancing the academic performance and participating in the scientific development

of the society and the state. It is important that the staff member should have self- development and modernization to be

more effective.

Given the income level of the University staff member, we find that it misappropriates his scientific position where he is forced

to improve his income. This affects the productivity of his research and his strive for presenting researched, to be promoted,

that does not correlate with the society problems and the environment need for development. There is no doubt that the lack

of the staff member’s income results in being no full-time and this negatively affects learning process and scientific research.

Thus, the staff member seeks deputizing for more than one faculty or institute to improve his financial income. This results in the

lack of his academic performance and in his incapability of being full-time in his faculty or scientific department and to benefit

from this to do advanced scientific research to solve society problems


Executive Procedures to Support the Staff members’ scientific and financial position:


a- Supporting university staff members and consider a well-paid income that enables them to perform their academic and

educational mission efficiently and to keep pace with the environment and society integral development. 

b- Refining staff member through training courses to develop their skills and qualities


c- Running the availability of scientific missions and scholarships for the staff members to the developed countries in the field o

f specialization to benefit from the outcome of their successful experiments. This is as a matter of approaching the quality levels

 of higher education in Egypt with the rest of the develop world countries


d- Encouraging scientific dedication of the staff member to do scientific researches that requires solving society problems and

 development – in the field of specialization- to be rewarded or given a well-paid income to do scientific research that keeps

 pace with the society needs and development


e- Recommending the appointment of an athletic advisor in the Egyptian embassies abroad, in the developed countries

 sport field, to be the connection between the staff members in the faculties specialized in the fields of physical education and

 sport sciences to provide them with the modern scientific development in the field.

f- Self-development and modernization of the member to be more effective and maximizing the benefits from this in the

 context of great development in educational technology, information revolution as well as quality and documentation assurance.

g- Consolidating relations with Egyptian scientists who work in developed countries in the fields of physical education and spor

t sciences to support knowledge as well as modernizing and developing programs of creative and innovative abilities


h- Full-dedicating of staff members for their academic work. This is achieved by increasing their salaries, promotions and

 incentives of discussing and supervising thesis.

i- Encouraging the continuation of the staff member in the scientific researches, even after getting professor degree, by greatly

 distinguishing him literarily and financially.

2. Creating a perfect character of the student:

This can be done by the graduation of a distinguished student of high scientific level and scales identified for creating a

 scientifically, intellectually and morally advanced character. This is through developing and modernizing the educational

process as well as developing the creative aspects of the student to be important in creating events, participating in them

 and dealing with this information age. This aims at producing alumni capable of competition, innovation, critical thinking and

 gaining the strategic vision that belongs to his country, besides, how to communicate and interact with the society nationally,

 regionally and globally through developed academic courses that keep pace with the society needs and environment

 development, in the light of information technology


3. Developing and modernizing learning curriculum and programs to promote the efficiency of educational process to cope

 with the global scientific progress:

Ensuring quality and evaluating performance is done by identifying the standard international criteria for the programs of the

 specialized scientific department and equivalents of alumni certificates with their peer global faculties.

Connecting education with the business world can be done by creating a good educational product. It is time to rectify our

 situation, care for our sons’ minds and to arm them with thinking and knowledge of the age to be the motive force that

achieves the nation’s ambitions and hopes.

4. Promoting scientific research


Any society that seeks leading the grinding economic conflict, where efficiency, speed, perfection and product quality, cannot

 do without the advanced scientific research. Therefore, lingering in scientific research and its ill administration represent the

 greatest challenge for our upgrading and developing project. The problem of scientific research in Egypt does not lie in the

 Egyptian mind, but, in the Egyptian world that imposes restrictions on it shackling its footsteps and hindering its way


Problems of scientific research are limited in the aspects hereunder:


1- Lack of correlation of the scientific research issues and society problems.

2- Dissimilarity between the missions’ plans and the precise needs of the faculties’ scientific departments. This is according to the

 current problems of society and environment.

3- Inadequacy of allocations and financial resources of the scientific research at the University


4- Insufficiency and deficiency in scientific research requirements of modern libraries rich in scientific reviews, references, labs

 and modern equipment.

5- Lack of correlation of the scientific research to promote with the society problems and production centers


6- Insufficiency and deficiency in sending staff members to scientific missions abroad and outdoors communication. This is one

of the administrative and financial obstacles that hinder developing scientific research


Accordingly, the procedures hereunder may be taken for promoting scientific research:

1- Setting a framework for the coordination between the University and companies, factories, productive institutions and the

 rest of the designated ministries that the researches are sent spontaneously by the beneficiaries of the research results


2- Encouraging the faculty direction by the coordination with the scientific department to get research projects with

 productive enterprises to correlate with society and production problems


3- Granting the administrative authority to the faculties’ scientific department in identifying their plans in their need for missions

 depending on the scientific problems that require solutions to ensure accuracy of choice according to contemporary issues.

4- Setting coordination between the Egyptian embassies and the University to limit the distinguished Egyptians abroad and

 strengthening cooperation to provide scholarships for post graduates’ students as well as scientific department with scientific


5- Suggesting the allocation of 10 piasters of each oil barrel that Egypt exports abroad to support and finance the plan of

 scientific research at the University.

6- Suggesting the allocation of a certain amount of money from each ship passing through the Suez Canal to support and

 finance the distinctive scientific research.

7- Urging businessmen to provide scholarships for students of post graduate students the correlate society problems


8- Supporting connections between University and the UN programs directed to development and that are interested in

 scientific research for achieving development of the developing countries as well as cooperating with other programs of EU

 countries and with the governmental regulations in the countries to strengthen scientific research fields.

9- Supporting libraries by providing them with modern scientific reviews and the internet as well as supporting labs with

 modern equipment.

10- Preventing the registration of any scientific thesis unless it correlates with facing one of the society problems and the

 environment development.

11- Correlating of the promotion researches with the current urgent problems to affect quality, production and accreditation.

12- Facilitating the travel of staff members to participate in scientific missions and conferences abroad.

13- The necessity of approaching the quality level of high education in Egypt with the rest of the developed world countries


14- Setting a specialized system to ensure quality and accreditation at the level of QAAP department.

15- Setting reciprocal relations with agencies and organizations of ensuring quality and accreditation on the national and

 international levels.




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The council dates of the Department of Water Sports Training

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