dr Kamel 2

Name: Kamel Helmy Dawod Helmy Graduated 1960 First Bachelor's Degree and my arrangement was the second in practical education and the degree of assessment in good grades and was appointed in El Minya in Beni Mazar at the Beni Mazar Preparatory School was replaced by a soldier was teaching sports education, To be a model teacher was the basis of my success is the way to teach motivation that the student is always looking higher to be an incentive for it to succeed and be always has a goal was the main point in the teaching method that the person has a goal and tries to reach it so that I give them an example if you want to be a cleaner, you must be the best cleaner, so you always need to be the best in any field. I specialized in sports and swimming. After that I got an upgrade and went to a teachers 'school in Minya. I took my first and second years in the teachers' school. I did a good job on the basis that they are building the future and I was very assertive and they made a presentation at the end of the year. They gave me the floor and started motivating young people who would educate the future generation.

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