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Academic Advising Unit

Executive Board

Dean of the College

As president

College Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

As Vice President

Executive Director of the Academic Advising and Registration Unit and General Academic Advisor.

Academic guidance coordinator for the first level.

Academic guidance coordinator for the second level.

Academic guidance coordinator for the third and fourth levels of academic departments.

The general person responsible for student registration.

Unit secretariat

A/Asmaa Muhammad Abdel Wahed

Mr. Imad Ramadan Amin.

The academic advising process in the credit hour system has a major role in the educational process, and this has a significant and direct impact on the student and the college in terms of the flow of the educational material and subject matter to complete the study requirements. Within the framework of the strategic direction, the college provides a distinguished educational service to students according to modern methods in the field of university education, which applies quality systems. In implementation of this strategy, the Academic Guidance and Student Support Unit for bachelor’s level students was established. It is based on the application of quality standards and specifications in modern education systems. And developed to serve the educational process in general and college students in particular, which leads to raising the level of struggling students, caring for outstanding students, and providing academic guidance and student support that students need during their academic studies.

Charter of the Academic Advising Unit

The academic advisor must be fully aware of the credit hours list system and must be fully convinced that the student is the basis of the educational process and the student’s success in registering subjects is a complete success according to the academic advisor’s directions. The student’s regularity and the mentor’s follow-up is a success for the education system, which benefits the student, the college, and the community and invests in abilities and talents.

The importance of the academic advising unit

Academic advising is a supervisory service that aims to identify problems that hinder the process of raising awareness among college faculty members of the importance of academic advising to help students how to choose courses that suit their abilities according to the approved study plan. And activating the relationship between the student and college faculty members through a system that allows The student has the right to express his opinion and make the correct choice. The unit aims to find communication channels in cooperation with college leaders, scientific departments, and various departments in the college to support the efforts of the Student Academic Support Office to help it provide solutions to students’ problems, support their ambitions for development, and provide an integrated system for the academic environment to practice ideal university life within a framework of cooperation between students, advisors, and all college employees. .

The academic advising process is an urgent necessity in light of the credit hour system, and this has a significant impact on both the student and the college. Therefore, the academic advising system seeks to provide advice and help students in facing the difficulties related to their university life and help them understand their problems and work to solve them to result in graduating a generation Young people are equipped with education, knowledge and the ability to make decisions.

Objectives of the Academic Advising Unit

  • Providing the necessary support and assistance to students during their academic career in order to facilitate their completion of their studies according to the study plan, ensuring its completion within the time period stipulated in the regulations.
  • Guiding students who are struggling academically, advising them, taking care of them, and following up on them to raise their academic level.
  • Guiding academic advisors to ensure their awareness of the importance of the advising process and its role in providing the academic climate and full familiarity with the study plan for students
  • Follow up and inform academic advisors in academic departments to determine academic advising hours.
  • Informing students about the integrated student services provided by the college and university, which include social, psychological, and cultural care.

Specializations and tasks of the Academic Advising and Student Support Unit

This includes registration, withdrawal and addition, attendance, academic warnings, etc.

  • Announcing the regulations, rules, instructions and procedures governing study and examinations.
  • Receiving periodic reports from academic advisors in scientific departments.
  • Submitting periodic reports on the position of struggling students from the academic advisors of the academic departments.
  • Reviewing the indicative study plan for students about to graduate and ensuring its conformity with the rules and regulations.
  • Coordination with Professor Dr., Vice Dean of the College for Education and Student Affairs, to provide the required numbers of academic advisors from academic departments in proportion to the numbers of students enrolled in the college in accordance with regulations and laws.
  • Preparing forms and templates for academic advising (adviser performance form – advisor data form – student data form – etc.).
  • Educating students about the importance and role of the academic advising unit.
  • Organizing educational and guidance seminars to introduce the study system to new students.
  • Organizing seminars to discuss students’ problems and helping students solve any problems they may encounter.
  • Establishing a mechanism to receive student complaints regarding the academic advising process in order to study them and work to resolve them.
  • Providing academic advisors with the necessary information that will help them perform their role to the fullest extent through specialized seminars and courses to develop the advisors’ capabilities and increase their awareness.
  • Organizing academic and non-academic support programs for outstanding and struggling students.
  • Supervising the questionnaires that are conducted for the continuous development of academic guidance.
  • Cooperating with the Office of Education and Student Affairs to update the college student database.

Tasks of the Academic Advising Committee

  • Spreading the culture of academic advising and its importance, especially for new students.
  • Supervising and following up on the implementation of academic advising procedures and instructions.
  • Distributing students to academic advisors at the college by forming a group of students for each advisor and announcing this in the students’ schedules.
  • Introducing students to their mentors and the importance of the mentoring process.
  • Urging students to consult the academic advisor during the announced office hours.
  • Delegating some matters to Mr. Prof. Dr. / the College Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and presenting them to the Education and Student Affairs
  • Committee and submitting the matter to the College Council for approval, in matters that cannot be decided by the committee.

Academic advisor jobs

The academic advisor's duties are summarized in assisting the student in:

  • Directing the student towards creating a study plan that suits his abilities.
  • Preparing the study file for registration and study plan.
  • Register and select courses.
  • Informing him of the basic laws and rules of the credit hour study system.

Student duties towards academic advising

  • Providing the advisor with personal data (telephone number – university email – address)
  • Commitment to attend at the announced times for registration or any work related to academic advising, or whenever he is called by his academic advisor, in addition to the following periodic meetings:
    – Fourth week: The first orientation meeting for all students
    – The tenth week: The second guidance meeting for “stumbled students and those who are irregular in attendance.”
    – The thirteenth week: The third guidance meeting for “stumbled students and those who are not organized in attendance.”
  • Direct referral to the academic advisor in the event of any problem that hinders the student in his academic progress.

Contents of the academic advising file

Each academic advisor must prepare a special file for each student while maintaining the confidentiality of the information. The file contains the following:

  • A list of the names of students registered with the academic advisor (through electronic academic guidance).
  • A student data form containing personal information about the student (the student’s personal and university data form).
  • Other administrative documents (manual and electronic registration forms – deletion and addition forms – during the semester, the academic advisor receives from the Department of Education and Student Affairs any indications regarding the student’s academic failure so that they can be analyzed and the problems that hinder the student’s academic achievement can be solved.)

Academic advising work sequence chart

  • Information about the academic advisor (name, specialty, date and place of meeting the student periodically)
  • The study guideline plan for the program in which the student is registered.

Academic advising forms

  • Record the student’s receipt of any awards for distinction or excellence, as well as any punishments the student was subjected to.
  • A record containing a summary of his meetings with the student and the most important observations related to the student’s performance (academic advising meeting form)

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