Faculty Of Sport Education - Abo Qir

Camps and outdoor sports

The Faculty of Physical Education, Babi Qir, seeks to develop the personal abilities of students and achieve balance in the fields of growth, as well as the development of the spirit of leadership and cooperation through the participation of students in the implementation and practice of various aspects of activities and the strengthening of friendship and interdependence between students of the college and between the various colleges of the university, through the preparation of many camps and who are they

Participation in the scout exhibition of the university's mobile phones and mobile phones at the Faculty of Tourism, with the participation of 5 students from the college
Participation in the 15th friendship session for the university's mobile phones and mobile phones in Bagoush camp, with the participation of 14 students from the college
Pioneers of Al-Rahout Course in the Activities Complex, with the participation of 4 students from the college
The 42nd Scout Festival in the youth city of Babi Qir, with the participation of 17 students from the college