Faculty Of Sport Education - Abo Qir

Community Activites

The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys – Alexandria University includes a range of different activities and services provided to students and the outside community, as follows:

  • Preparing the plan and programs that ensure the realization of the college’s role in community service and environmental development
  • Establishing and managing units of a special nature that provide services to students and the external community
  • Preparing and implementing training programs for individuals and society on the use of modern technical and scientific methods
  • Organizing scientific conferences, seminars and lectures aimed at community service and environmental development
Activating the initiative of our college without bullying and activating the "Save a Life" initiative for all faculty members, students and college staff.
Participation of a program team to raise awareness of the dangers of addiction by being present inside the college and holding some meetings with students to raise awareness of the dangers of addiction under the title “Alexandria without Addiction” during the first semester, first meeting 10/30/2022 - second meeting 12/29/2022
The total number of students who passed the graduation requirements, whether students of the current academic years or graduates of previous years, is 1679 students, and the number of those who have erased their illiteracy is 3220
The college hosted the National Bank of Egypt in order to facilitate our student children to obtain a free visa from 10/15 to 10/19/2022, and 2200 visas were issued - the college held a book fair in cooperation with the postgraduate studies sector and the college library to sell many books in the period from 10/15 - 10/20/2022
Good deeds - 35 bags were distributed to students who are unable - 107 Ramadan bags were distributed to college workers as a contribution from some faculty members, the administrative staff and the external community, and the cost of the bag was 230 pounds