Faculty Of Sport Education - Abo Qir

Department of Sport Management and Recreation

Head of the Department

Date of birth: 9/8/1978

Email: dr.raafat@hotmail.com

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in 2000 AD from the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys in Alexandria, then a Master’s degree in Sports Management in 2004, then Alexandria University, then a PhD in Sports Management in 2009, and he obtained the degree of Assistant Professor on 4/28/2015 and now holds the head of the Department of Sports Administration and recreation

And he got many courses from them

Obtaining the Research Methodology course
Obtaining the New Trends in Teaching course
Obtaining the Effective Presentation kills course
Obtaining the Code of Ethics professional ethics course for a faculty member
Obtaining the Using Technology in Teaching course
He also participated in many scientific conferences in the field of physical education, information technology and e-learning.

Participation in the scientific conference organized by the College of Physical Education in the period from October 30 to November 1. He has many experiences in the field of sports training, as well as in the field of computers.

Department Members

Samir Abdel Hamid Ali Hamed
Professor Emeritus

Raafat Saeed Hindawi Muhammad Al-Sibai
Professor and head of the department

Safwat Ali Jumaa Ali

Amin Mahmoud Abdel Latif Jaafar

Abdullah Muhammad Mohieddin Ahmed Youssef

Barakat  Faraj Muhammad Muhammad Ezz Al-Arab

Amani Metwally Ibrahim Al-Batrawi
Assistant Professor

Ali Ahmed Ali Hassanein
Assistant Professor

Hassan Freij Abdel Fattah Juha
Assistant Professor

Safwat Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Zaytoun

Muhammad Helmy Mahmoud Ghazlan

Ahmed Hafez Mahmoud Hilal

Ahmed Gomaa Al-Sayed Ibrahim Al-Sayed

Islam Saad Abdel Maqsoud Shawil

Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Ahmed Al-Far

Naji Mohamed Beltagy Youssef
Assistant Lecturer

Abdul Rahman Ahmed Ajami Muhammad

Mohamed Mustafa Mohamed Mbabi

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