Faculty Of Sport Education - Abo Qir

Educational Innovations Unit

executive board

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hamid Bilal
Dean of the College and Chairman of the Executive Council

Prof. Dr. Islam Amin Zaki
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
(Vice Chairman of the Executive Council)

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamal Musa
Vice Dean of the College for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Prof. Dr. Hilal Hassan Al-Jizawi
Executive Director of the Unit

Prof. Dr. Ekramy Mohamed Hamza
Deputy Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Akl
Supervisor of subcommittees

MD/Mohamed Helmy Mahmoud Ghazlan
Training and Technical Support Committee

MD/ Ahmed Atef Tolba Madkour
Educational Platforms Committee

M.D. Islam Saad Abdel Maqsoud Shweil
Follow-up and report writing committee

M.D./ Ahmed Abdullah Muhammad Dagher
Innovative Initiatives and Content Development Committee

MD/ Ehab Omar Shafiq Issa
Training and Technical Support Committee

M.D./ Muhammad Ibrahim Abdel Khaleq Rakha
Educational Platforms Committee

M.D. Eid Kamal Abdel Aziz
Educational Platforms Committee

M.D./ Muhammad Azouz Muhammad Al-Muqaddam
Educational Platforms Committee

M.D. Walid Muhammad Abu Bakr Yassin Madi
Training and Technical Support Committee

Eng. Hisham Hosni Sayed Ahmed Hussein
Educational Platforms Committee

M/ Muhammad Fathallah Muhammad Beheiry
Educational Platforms Committee

Reham Ramadan
Administrative office. IT

Muhammad Fouad Mansour
Administrative and secretarial office

Hisham Muhammad
financial officer

The Educational Innovations and Distance Learning Unit is responsible for implementing and managing e-learning and distance learning at Alexandria University.

  • That the unit be a beacon of knowledge and experience regarding educational innovations and the use of technology in serving the teaching and learning process.

  • The unit's philosophy is based on the use of educational innovations such as:
    - Debates, serious games, cross-curricular projects
    - Projects that cross university borders, competency-based education
    - Using technology to develop teaching and learning

  • Development - Innovation - Internationalization

  • - Establishing and managing various educational platforms, whether approved by Alexandria University or the Supreme Council of Universities
    - Working to raise the efficiency of teaching and learning on educational platforms and implementing hybrid learning policies established by the university.
    - Providing technical support and training to faculty members and students regarding educational innovations, technology-enhanced education, and the production and development of digital content.
    - Working to develop educational and teaching methods through educational platforms and following up on implementation to achieve the performance indicators set by the university administration
    - Providing various initiatives to develop teaching and learning in line with the pioneering role of Alexandria University in developing education
    The unit also provides technical consultations regarding future planning for developing academic regulations and programs, as well as competency-based courses and everything related to teaching and learning strategies in general.
    - Supporting the educational process in the university’s colleges with regard to: developing educational scenarios, developing educational content, and supporting the use of educational technology and platforms approved at the university.
    - Training faculty members on educational innovations and technology-enhanced learning.
    - Celebrating, disseminating and embracing educational innovations at the college level.
    - Business development with a number of concerned parties (training other universities and colleges at the Arab and African levels).
    - Educational support for faculty members who want to develop their course offerings.
    - Developing and participating in projects in the fields of educational innovations.
    - Holding scientific demonstrations and competitions in the field of educational innovations.
    - Working to establish partnerships with educational innovation units globally.

Unit activities