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The Fitness and Sports Center for All was established at the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys – Alexandria University as a unit with a special nature on June 1, 1995. The unit aims to provide many activities and training courses, whether for college students or for those from abroad.

Activities provided by the center

Summer activity

Diverse activity

This activity is held for different ages, starting from 5 years to 10 years, to play all the different games to develop sports ability.

Football Academy

The academy includes more than 50 players, which is supervised by an elite group of football coaches and football experts after a medical examination is conducted on all the players applying in order to develop this sport and raise it to the highest level, and under the supervision of the academy’s technical director, Professor Dr. Sami Ibrahim Nasr.

Specialized swimming activity

This activity is held for different ages, and training is conducted by a group of college swimming coaches. All age groups, starting from 5 years old, participate in this activity.

Judo activity

A grant was obtained from the State of Japan to provide a Japanese international expert in the sport of judo who holds 7 Dan, and all capabilities were provided for him to train college students specializing in judo. A special academy for judo has already been established, which is considered the first of its kind in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Japanese expert is accompanied by a number of faculty members. Teaching

Other activities

Qualification school for military colleges

Through it, cadres (high school students) are prepared and qualified in all the sports tests that they are tested during their application to the various military colleges. In addition, training is given on the leap of confidence for all individuals, despite the individual’s inability to swim, by providing a training program supervised and implemented by high-level experts. High training efficiency.

Diving training courses

Several courses were held in the field of diving, and it was agreed with the Egyptian Federation for Diving and Rescue on courses (first star, second star, third star) to advance these courses and grant students a card approved by the Egyptian Federation for Diving and Rescue.

Massage course

This course is conducted through agreement with the Council in order to ensure the student’s educational level. Students in this course are granted a certificate accredited by the National Sports Council and the African Union.

Sports injuries and rehabilitation course

It was agreed with the Central Administration of Sports Medicine at the National Sports Council to hold these training courses and grant all students certificates accredited by the National Sports Council for students in college and abroad.

Rescue course

It was agreed with the Egyptian Diving Federation to hold this course, and at the end of the course, an accredited certificate and an accredited card from the Egyptian Diving and Rescue Federation will be granted at the end of the course.

First Aid Course

An elite group of the university’s best specialized professors teaches and the course is supervised by a distinguished group of university professors. Providing the appropriate tools and halls for teaching, applicants for the course are granted a certificate accredited by multiple government agencies and an accredited card.

Swimming instruction course

In order to eradicate swimming illiteracy, a swimming course was held to serve students and raise them to the highest level in this activity.


There is also a gymnasium (gym), which contains many advanced equipment suitable for men and women. It also contains aerobics training for men and women. Swedish and fitness programs. A special section for therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises. Special appointments for men, special appointments for women, and special appointments for college students. There are changing places and there are specialized trainers for this activity

Badi course (diving professionals)

This course contains the first star, the second star, and the third star, and qualifies the individual to become a professional diver.

Holding courses for fin swimming trainers

This is in cooperation with the UAE Swimming Federation (ASCA representative in the Middle East)

Holding courses in self-defense

Such as judo and karate, as these courses allow an individual to learn self-defense

International junior football training course

This course is held in cooperation with the Egyptian Football Federation and the Arab Federation to prepare leaders

Cooperation with tourist villages

Due to the ongoing cooperation between the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys - Alexandria University and the tourist villages, especially on the northern coast, cooperation is being conducted with those tourist villages regarding training students and providing them with suitable job opportunities that suit their qualifications, abilities and inclinations.

Load rationing cycle

This course is held in agreement with the African Federation of Sports Medicine and qualifies the trainee physically and acquires many physical fitness skills.

Athletics course

This course is held in agreement with the Egyptian Athletics Federation and allows the participant to obtain an accredited certificate as an international coach in athletics.

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