Faculty Of Sport Education - Abo Qir


executive board

Mr. Asmaa Hassan Yassin
Head of the library department

Dr. Muhammad Adel Zein
Responsible for the Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Mr. Islam Muhammad Fouad
Responsible for Arabic book reference services

Mr. Peter Youssef Kamal
Digital library administrator

Mr. Hamada Al-Sayed Al-Khouly
External loan officer

A/ Marwa Salem Suleiman
Responsible for updating reference data

The college library includes all scientific resources that benefit students, researchers, and faculty members, and through which the beneficiary can access all the information that meets his need through the scientific research services provided.

The sources are electronic indexes for electronic searches for the beneficiary to access the scientific collection through electronic searches and identify the shelf number and the scientific specialty to which it belongs, in addition to the scientific department to which it belongs.

The library has indexes for:

Library of Arabic books
Library of foreign books
Library of Scientific Theses (Master’s – Doctorate)
Scientific journals (Arabic – foreign)

Arabic books
Foreign books
scientific messages
Scientific journals

Latest news and events:

Library services

Which consists of searching the electronic index for all scientific holdings within the library department, which number more than 15 thousand scientific holdings.

It helps the researcher and the student to access the scientific source on the shelf and maintain the order and internal organization of the shelves and specializations affiliated with the scientific department, which requires full-time personnel to carry out these tasks due to the need for monitoring in order to preserve the library’s holdings from destruction due to misuse by students and researchers, theft, or photocopying. Unauthorized parts of the scientific collection

The student goes to the competent employee to obtain an external loan card registration form and an explanation of what is required of filling out the data and requirements to open the beneficiary’s loan page and create the card through the following steps:

– Get a photo of the card

– Attend 2 personal photos

– Fill out data for the student’s guarantor from a relative working in a government agency

– Fill out the form information from Student Affairs and put the department’s stamp

– Go to obtain the Eagle stamp from the college

It consists of research for beneficiaries on the digital library website regarding everything related to its research topics and useful reference services

Library link to the digital library:


Which consists of searching on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank network for research related to research topics specific to students, and also opening accounts for students on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank through the following steps:

The student, researcher, or faculty member obtains a university email

Activate the university email after restoring it, then link it to a phone number to ensure it can be retrieved in case you forget the password

Use the university email as an intermediary to open the account on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, as it is not permitted to open this account with any other email from other companies.

Link to the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB).


The latest scientific references during the year

Inquiries and frequently asked questions

According to the Supreme Council of Universities, the permitted portion of photocopying in scientific theses does not exceed 10% of the total thesis, and it is not permitted to photocopy both the third and fourth chapters of the scientific thesis due to preserving the researchers’ private property rights.

It is not permissible to use the mobile phone for photography or calls inside the library hall, and the mobile phone must not be used for photography unless the photography center is closed or there is a malfunction in the photography.

According to the regulations of university libraries, it is not permissible to borrow single-copy books in the place due to their scarcity and to achieve general scientific benefit within the place.

The library is open from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm.

Search for books and references in the library