Faculty Of Sport Education - Abo Qir

Seminars and conferences

Scientific Forum on Climate Change and Sports in cooperation with the College of Science 27, 28, 10/29/2022
Scientific Forum for Critical Sports Injuries in cooperation with the Center for Sports Medicine and Locomotor System Research 11/24/2022
Scientific Forum on Health, Sports and Climate Change in cooperation with the College of Nursing 12/1/2022
Scientific Forum for Sports Steroids 3/9/2023
A symposium on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, delivered by Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Rashad Al-Sayyid, member of the Religious Discourse Committee at the Family House and preacher at the Ministry of Endowments, 10/18/2022. The symposium was attended by 350 students.
An October War symposium in the presence of an elite group of heroes from the 1973 War, in the presence of the hero Major General Elmi Kamel, hero of the Battle of Abu Atwa - the hero Abdel-Jawad Salim, known as the living martyr - Captain Ali Abdel-Ghani, the frogman hero who captured the first Israeli pilot. It was held on 10/19/2022 and the symposium was attended by 250 students.
Symposium on “The Tolerance of Religions and Human Ethics” His Eminence Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Sattar - Mr. Faraj Mohsen Ghanem - Pastor Abanoub, and by birth, Shenouda, the birth of Michael Morcos. The symposium was attended by 350 students.
A symposium on violence among youth and its impact on society, with the participation of Prof. Dr. Manal Fouda, Executive Director of the Unit for Combating Violence against Women, Dr. Hadir Mohamed Mahmoud, Lecturer of Applied Anthropology at the Faculty of Arts - Alexandria University, and discussed the change in gender relations over time, an anthropological vision, Dr. Mohamed Hassan. Kafafi is an assistant lecturer in the Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law - Alexandria University. The symposium was attended by 200 students.
Supervised by Prof. Dr/Dean of the College for Community Service Affairs at the Second Alexandria University Exhibition for Heritage and Craft Products, which was held at the Faculty of Commerce in the period from 10/23 – 10/27/2022
The college participated with a delegation headed by Prof. Dr., the college’s dean for community service affairs, faculty members, and college graduates in the Sports Professions Syndicate’s recruitment and professional description conference at the Porto Sokhna Hotel, and the college received the Scientific Excellence Shield in the period from 3/17 – 3/20/2023.
Visits to some schools to learn about the college
The college’s reception of the International Day of Older Persons in cooperation with the College of Nursing 12/16/2022
The college received the Taha Hussein Center for the Blind and participated with them in the “Life with a New Spirit” festival. Nearly 47 people from the Taha Hussein Center participated in the sports day, along with a group of social leaders at the college and a family for Egypt.