The Department of the students take care of the Faculty of Physical Education-Boys offers a range of student activities for broadcast sound university spirit among students and closer ties between them and the Oedahaih faculty and staff and discover the talents of students and their abilities and skills is also keen Youth Welfare Department to provide the best services in the various activities through the following committees and that poses them college students, namely:


Social Committee and excursions

The Committee on the development of social ties between students and foster a spirit of cooperation and brotherhood between them and transmit the collective spirit in them, and so for all Trivtkadim material assistance to students who are unable physically through the Social Solidarity Fund, and participate in the ideal student competition and social competitions and wall newspapers
- The youth welfare department work a reception for the students of the first band depends section of the college students in providing all requirements of this concert of singing music and perform some collective dances, as well as the department organized a ceremony on the student, which regulates after the school year ends and honored in this ceremony, each student superior in various fields of activities
- Students short and long trips care department organized during the school year and the student who wants to participate in the trip to pay subscription fees with a minimum of 30% of the cost of the trip in accordance with the financial regulations in this regard Performs student welfare department in collaboration with the social activity management university run students during the summer holidays of afforestation and the cleanliness of peer-monthly bonus.
- The committee charity work the land of the total market which is attended by some of the companies of the public sector and the private and sold products for those interested, as well as native region


Commission Art Activity

The Committee on the work of artistic activity concerts throughout the school year and include those musical concerts and sing and dance collective, and the Youth Welfare Department job fair where students work exposure in photography and distributed prizes to outstanding students.

    Hosts students vaudeville program auspices of the college department and the work of a joint concert with the Ministry of Althagavh.kma Committee engaged in artistic activity, organized by the Student Care Management University


Cultural activity committee

The Committee shall work for religious and cultural seminars by contacting the official department to send specialists in the fields of the symposium, and the work of cultural competitions within the college and control by the college professors, as you participate in the cultural competitions of the University, and the Committee also contacted some publishers to display the Book Fair, the college presented where all kinds of books in various fields.


Commission phones and public services

The committee that put the public service programs and contributing to the national projects required by the nation's needs and organize environmental service programs, including contributing to the development of society and organize aspects of the Scout activity on peaceful foundations and principles of the Scout movement by testing members of the tribe. Action patrol camps college and participate in the university camps.


Commission sports activity

The committee that broadcast sporting spirit among students and encourage sporting talent and work on development and that all sports Trivlqaouat in various games and sports meetings with various external bodies. And also to participate in the League Gamah.o participate in tournaments and courses held by Almokhtlvho bodies Tqimhaalaeliat specialized in physical education are also involved in the conclusion of the ceremony activity (Student Day).


Committees families

Are those the Commission doing all kinds of different committees aforementioned activities are miniature Union College and is made up of every family of students with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 100 students per family Musharraf from college professors and track all pioneer families families, one of the faculty members as the committee families to participate in the various university competitions, and an internal slogans among some families of some, and the work of internal and external banners with the families of the colleges.


Commission of scientific activity

Commission is competent to scientific activity to work on the organization of activities aimed at raising Almharratodam scientific activities of Dialltalab by holding seminars and Mahadharatalalmahbhdv scientific and technological capacity development and dissemination of knowledge.