*Faculty of sport Physical Education organizes a symposium entitled “Sports and the October War: 50 Years of Glory”*

*Faculty of sport Physical Education organizes a symposium entitled “Sports and the October War: 50 Years of Glory”*
Within the framework of the activities of Alexandria University for the Golden Jubilee, under the patronage of Dr. Abdel Aziz Kanasouh, President of Alexandria University, and Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen Player, 
managing the work of the President of Alexandria University for Education and Student Affairs, 
it was organized this morning, Wednesday, 10/11/2023, College of Physical Education for Boys, 
a symposium entitled “Sports and the October War, 50 Years of Pride,”
lectured by the great journalist Yasser Ayoub, in the presence of Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hamid Bilal, Dean of the College, 
Dr. Mohab Abdel Razzaq, Vice Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs,
 and Major General Muhammad Fathi Abu Al-Nasr, Assistant. The President of the University for Administrative Affairs, 
Professor Tariq Al-Wakeel, member of the College Council, Major General tarek Hassan, Director of the 
Alexandria Mini Football Region, and a group of businessmen and those interested in the sports sector. For his part,
 Dr. Mohamed Bilal, Dean of the College, confirmed that sports can make history and move societies, 
and that the College of Physical Education
 To be the first sports college in the Middle East to hold joint academic degrees with several international universities such as the University of East London and Manchester Metro Bolton University, which will begin studies in the fall of 2024.
He stressed that the university, headed by Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansuh, adopts the idea of ​​the new republic called for
by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in changing the concept of physical education to the concept of sports sciences.
 He pointed out that what distinguishes sports is its connection to all sciences. His Excellency also valued 
the symposium as an archive of the role of sports during the October War and tells about championships. 
And the participation of all the sports sector in the epic waged by the Egyptian Armed Forces
In his speech, Dr. Yasser Ayoub stressed the major role of sports in the October War as an essential part of the major
 deception plan carried out by the armed forces to deceive the enemy. He added that the Egyptian sports
 archives will still remember the match between the Ghazl El Mahalla and Al Tayaran clubs, which was held while 
the Egyptian army was crossing the Suez Canal blockade, which... It was an implementation of a strategic deception plan,
 as instructions were issued to give a large space to sports pages and football matches, and to highlight the new 
Zamalek star, Hassan Shehata. He added that Egypt fought its battle in all fields, including the field of sports, 
which played a role in the largest deception plan that made the enemy lose his balance and focus. 
He added that the physical fitness of the soldiers made them perform miracles in crossing the water barrier 
and the impenetrable earthen barrier, and they carried heavy weapons above their necks with all valor. 
The reason for this is the frequent physical training of the fighters
The symposium included a documentary film about the October War, which lasted for several minutes
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