Supporting Brilliant Innovators

Within the framework of the interest of the state and Alexandria University in caring for the gifted and encouraging 
them to innovate, the Faculty of Physical Education Abu Qir seeks to care for and encourage students to develop the 
ability to innovate and be creative.
Yesterday, Professor Dr. Asaad Al-Kiki, Dean of the College, and in the presence of Prof. 
Dr. Mohab Abdel Razzaq Ahmed, Vice Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Islam Amin Zaki Abdel Wakil, Acting Vice Dean for Student Affairs, honored both during the College Council meeting. From the student/Mohamed Alaa Medhat in the third year
 (an innovation entitled a device to measure flexibility from long-term movement sitting)
And the student Ahmed Saad El-Din Ahmed, third year, student Ahmed Mohamed Naguib, Faculty of Engineering, third year (joint innovation entitled a device for measuring reaction speed)
 Student Bilal Ramadan Hussein Hassan, second year (an innovation entitled a device to measure reaction speed and agility - translational speed)
 Student Ali Muhammad Ali Rifai, second year (innovation entitled a device to measure flexibility from prolonged sitting, Al-Mahdi Al-Harki)
Out of His Excellency’s keenness to honor the athletically gifted, the student/Islam Muhammad Muhammad Ali Al-Sheet, the fourth year student who won the Egyptian Sanda All-Kung Fu National Team medal, was honored in first place.
His Excellency also indicated during his honoring of the students that the college is keen to support and care for the innovators among its students
Wishing them continued progress and success

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