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Honring Mr. Walid Al-Hadidi for obtaining third place and a bronze medal in the Zayed Charity Marathon (wheelchair running
A tour by Prof. Dr. Mohab Abdel Razzaq Ahmed, Acting Dean of the College, to visit the examination committees of the Abu Qir College of Physical Education (Fall 2023/2024)
Decent Life Foundation
100 million health campaign
“You are stronger than drugs”

The Research and Information Unit at the College of Physical Education for Boys is considered the scientific radiation center that spreads the light of science, computer culture, and information technology among the students of the college at home, and makes all of this accessible to all members of the local community outside the walls of the college. It was comprehensively developed in 2002, when the college was linked With the Internet, the first steps were made to make the college electronic, as the unit’s headquarters was moved to accommodate five halls with 70 devices connected to an internal network and connected to an Internet line with a speed of 1 megabyte, in addition to the main line linked to the University of Alexandria.

The main objective of its establishment was to serve scientific and applied research in the fields of physical education and sports, and to contribute to raising the level of physical education and sports through the use of material and human capabilities.

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